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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another good thing that happened this weekend-

So Friday I finally made it over to the DMV to purchase the registration stickers I needed for the scooter. I've been riding it with last year's stickers for a number of weeks now, due to the time and money that I spent getting the Suzuki on the road. The plates had actually expired last October and I usually leave it until spring and the fee for the year was, according to the paperwork, $120.

So I went to the DMV and got in line at the driveup window. There's 3 driveup stations and 2 waiting lanes but the folks in front of me had all lined up neatly in 1 line. So I waited my turn and just as it came my turn to pull up, a motorcycle rider cut the line by passing 5 or 6 waiting vehicles in the empty lane. He pulled up to the service window right in front of me!

I pulled my truck right up onto his rear bumper, as close as I could get without tipping him over while he pulled off his backpack and began frantically searching for his paperwork, which he couldn't find. Finally, to get his attention, I gave him a little toot of my horn to let him know how displeased I was with his rude behavior. He said some rude words, that I didn't hear but eventually rode off without his transaction being accomplished.

The really good news? The clerk took my paperwork that said I owed $120 for stickers good until October and rang me up for just $95 and gave me stickers good until June of 2008! I didn't ask or question her work, I just took my papers and stickers and happily went on home!

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